Night Build prides itself on extensive experience in company management applications, tools and software support systems as well as commercial solutions. Given our commitment to continuous learning and taking up new challenges, we would love to help you with whatever your next project may be.

Office 365 and Sharepoint Apps

Desktop applications

Web applications

Mobile applications

UI/UX design


Database design

Software testing (QA)

Requirements Analysis

Whether you are starting from scratch or overhauling an older system, our analysis and requirements services can help you drill down from the big picture to the all-important details. With our assistance, you can remain focused and start development that much faster. 


Software – and the way that humans interact with it – is constantly evolving. Our knowledge of what is up-to-date in terms of software, along with modern designing principles can provide you with highly functional and extensible software solutions that come with minimal costs and maintenance requirements.


We hire only motivated developers who have passed rigorous testing and reliably produce quality work. To produce efficient, optimized code, their work is subject to frequent peer code reviews. We produce code that is clean and extensible.


Software testing is an integrated and continuous part of our developers’ job, who test as their work progresses. On top of that, our integrated QA team makes use of their domain expertise and a wide range of effective testing strategies to detect and fix problems from an early stage. We can also provide testing services for software produced outside of our company. 


Integration with legacy or third party systems is an area where Night Build excels, reducing the risk and downtime often associated with integrating new software into an existing system. We will develop an integration plan that works with your goals and schedule and help you to see it through implementation.


Throughout the implementation process, Night Build provides training for both the technical staff and the end users, to ensure smooth deployment of the new software. By offering instructor-led training or train-the-trainer programs, we always makes sure we work within your budget.  

Deployment and Release

Throughout the software analysis, design, and development stages the Night Build team stays alert to any potential deployment obstacles and plans accordingly. The deployment strategy is purposefully planned to minimize the impact on your operations and with as little downtime as possible. Before and during deployment, we keep a close contact with your operational and support staff to ensure that they have the proper resources to keep your operations running smoothly.


Night Build responds quickly to any issues or problems reported post-release. To further extend your software development investment, we can help you determine how often you need to upgrade to new technologies or new features.


We maintain an open line of communication with you at all times and we keep your issues on track until they’re resolved. Night Build’s in-house support team is intimately familiar with your software, because they have been learning about it as we built it. We aim to respond quickly, hold ourselves accountable for our work and to be transparent and responsible in our collaboration.

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