Deciding where you want to work is one of the most important decisions of your life. Sure, everyone wants good benefits (and Night Build has them), but haven’t you ever wondered if there’s a place where work feels better? 

Join Us

At Night Build, we try to minimize as much of the red tape as possible, so that you can do your job well and be able to enjoy it too. We like to keep the hierarchy to a minimum and encourage everyone to contribute and discuss new ideas.

Parents are Welcome

At Night Build, many of us are parents and we know how difficult it can be to find balance between work and being a caring mom or dad.

While we expect great results from you, we understand parenting is a challenge in itself and personal time and activities are important for you to be fulfilled and energized. We are happy to meet you halfway by providing in-house physical therapy and flexible working hours, so you can fit in both work responsibilities and personal matters, while keeping healthy and relaxed.

Getting Noticed

At Night Build, it’s easier for the right person to get noticed and have the opportunity for fast career advancement. Wouldn’t you love to know you are advancing in your career instead of just jumping from project to project? And wouldn’t it be great to know that you and your efforts are recognized at work, instead of just being an employee number in a mega-corporation? 

Less Stress

You may have found that when your company recognizes your abilities, you simply end up with more stress and overtime. But at Night Build, we don’t think that advancing in your career means giving up your time with your familyfriends, and hobbies. We strive to create an environment that’s alive with enthusiasm and energy, one that works with you, instead of against you. Maybe that’s why so many of our employees have been with us for so long! 

Sure, we have deadlines. And sometimes a special client’s request takes precedence. But we make it a practice to listen to our employees’ feedback and plan proactively. The result is that hectic deadlines are an infrequent occurrence and not your daily schedule. 



The Perks

Besides endless rivers of coffee, here is what Night Build can offer to you:

Flexible working hours

Informal, relaxed, and friendly work culture (except for Bob)

Work environment designed to foster creativity and focus

Dynamic yet stable company with a 12-year history

Regular training opportunities to stay up to date

Interesting, challenging projects

In-house physical therapy

Social impact

Complimentary snacks

Hiring Practices

While our dress code may be relaxed, our hiring practices are not. We aim to hire focused, competent individuals who fit in well with our current team. We choose employees not only for their intelligence and skill set but also by the ability to work well with others. This results in a well-balanced team whose players understand and respect each other’s strengths and perspectives.

It is difficult for us to get to know you completely after just one interview. That is why we give several tests to check both your technical and communication skills and to see if we’d enjoy working together.

Job Openings

Night Build currently has openings for

Designer / Front End Developer

Minimum Requirements:



Mail us at:


MVC Experience


Angular, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. JS/Typescript is a plus, but not required


Ability to design and implement said design in HTML/CSS/Angular


Demonstrate persistence and initiative


Ability to communicate effectively in English


Ability to assume responsibility in a project


Be willing to play a decisive role in the team