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Our Software Services and Solutions

Night Build has twelve years of proven experience in providing cost efficient software services and solutions to the Oil and Gas Drilling industry. Our clients rely on our domain insight and technical expertise to reduce software development expenses, quickly react to regulatory changes and bidding opportunities and improve the day to day efficiency of the their support systems. Dedication and passion for software development, coupled with a strong focus on customer satisfaction has allowed us to build a solid reputation for providing customer value.

Night Build has significant expertise in designing tailored solutions for the Manufacturing, Medical and Commercial sectors as well. From management software used in manufacturing plants and integration of clinical information sources into a single clinical decision support system, to administrating employee benefits and flexible pay packages for the private and public sectors – we use solid, reliable development practices to deliver functional, yet user-friendly solutions regardless of the complexity.

We can work with you using flexible engagement models: hourly, monthly-hire or project bid. But it’s not just about the time and money. When you outsource with Night Build, we make it a point to understand your organization’s culture, standards and compliance and regulation requirements. This allows us to significantly reduce misunderstandings that cause redo work and enables us to design solutions that ease and simplify your work.

Drawing on our experience in quality, project and product managementNight Build strives to maintain a close relationship with new and existing clients. By being proactive, transparent and providing individual attention and regular communication, we have earned our clients’ trust. We earn repeat business by our rigorous attention to the quality and usability of our software solutions and services. 

Our Software Outsourcing Services

Need outsourcing? You’re in the right place! Night Build is located in the city of Cluj-Napoca, one of Eastern Europe’s fastest-growing IT hubs. Our city is renowned for its “nearshoring” convenience, excellent value for money software solutions providers and a large, tech-savvy workforce.

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