About Us

Night Build has a 12-year history of working closely with its clients from the Oil and Gas Drilling industry. We also have interests in industries like Manufacturing, Medical and Commercial and are always open to new projects and opportunities. We’d be especially enthusiastic to work in blockchain technologies or augmented reality.

Company Background

Night Build was founded in March 2007 with the motto of “Doing IT better”. The company’s core team has been working together for the past 10 years.

Night Build is privately owned, which gives us the ability to respond swiftly to our clients’ demands and adjust quickly to technological changes. We have low employee turnover rates, which enables us a streamline in terms of projects and technical knowledge across present or future projects. Clients can form a productive relationship and regular interaction with a stable and responsive technology team.

Furthermore, at Night Build we have a simplified management hierarchy that enables us to have a more efficient decision-making and communication structure within the company and with our clients. No matter how small or large your project is, at Night Build, we give full attention to each individual client, because this is how we ‘do IT better’.

Working Together

Night Build owes its long-term success to both its clients and team members. With all the major changes in the marketplace, we’ve managed to stay up to date and relevant to the software development outsourcing market. And we’re still going strong.

In March 2017 we had our 10th anniversary, a milestone worth celebrating. For us it was a time to remember our very beginnings, the hard work and dedication we put into our projects, the talented people in our team and of course our achievements and struggles altogether.

We would like to thank our clients for their confidence in us. The challenges and opportunities they have provided are the foundation of our success.


To our employees, whether you are new, veterans, or somewhere in between, you have our gratitude and admiration for your hard work and ingenuity.

Our City

Our home office is in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a busy technology centre that’s also a hub for academics, culture, and the IT industry. This dynamic and multicultural city is known as the unofficial capital of Transylvania, and it is the second largest city in Romania.

Cluj hosts two prestigious academic centers, namely The Babeș-Bolyai University and the Technical University, and approximately 30% of the city’s population are students. In fact, Cluj-Napoca was the “European Youth Capital” of 2015, a distinction awarded by the European Students’ Forum (otherwise known as AEGEE, the Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe). Besides yielding hundreds of graduates in software development every year, the university attracts talent, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Romania joined the European Union in 2007. The education system here places a strong emphasis on language skills (English, French and German) in order to prepare its youth for the global market. The country has an IT-friendly administration that offers IT workers a special income tax break in order to retain them. But there are other government-lead programs in the works that aim to support the growth of the Romanian IT sector by attracting new investment in IT and retaining the already existing ones. These measures seem to have registered some positive outcomes, given that the IT professional population has grown by 25% in 2016. Stats show that this population is expected to continue on the ascendant trend and by 2020 they will have reached 300,000.

Cluj-Napoca is also a location preferred for outsourcing IT services. In comparison to Far Eastern countries (China or India), there is smaller time zone difference with western European countries. Whereas traveling goes, the city is connected to an international airport (Cluj Avram Iancu International), making the city readily accessible by plane from most European countries and major cities on the continent. In 2018 Cluj-Napoca’s international airport serviced over 2 million passengers and the numbers are on the rise.

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