Ovidiu, Andreea, Mihaela and Florin all work for our danish client - Comenxa, on a large scale E-commerce project called Workxone. The team is responsible for the development and proper functioning of the web application which now has over 100.000 registered users. Latest evaluations conducted over the team’s performance revealed a general enthusiasm of the client about the team’s results and conduct. Several points are worth mentioned:

  •  Difficult challenges or unexpected changes requested by the client were received with a problem-solving attitude and professionalism, leading to exceptional work under high pressure.
  •  Along the project, the team responded swiftly to any emergencies and calls made by Comenxa, regardless of the  time of day, manifesting a lot of dedication and commitment.
  •  On numerous occasions, the team chose to go on site, to the client’s premises in Denmark, to ensure the proper function of the product and to get a thorough grasp of the customer’s further needs.