A first look into our team will strike you with a positive attitude throughout the company and a passion for problem-solving which often turns into a general challenge. NightBuild people are a crew of highly skilled developers, project managers, solution architects and experienced managers who work closely together for a sole purpose: delivering the precise solutions envisioned by our clients.

Our screening procedure makes sure our team gathers talented, hard working and committed specialists. Our people go through a 3 months trial period and undertake numerous tests before becoming part of the team: elaborated technical tests, languages tests to assess the speaking, reading, writing and comprehension abilities and personality tests to make sure the person fits in the company’s framework.

At NightBuild we have a well-established work ethic. We put great emphasis on creating a sense of place in the company’s framework so as to stimulate knowledge-sharing, spontaneous interactions and get a continuous flow of creative ideas from each member of the team. We foster a competitive environment that broadens the appeal for work and builds up experience, self-confidence and ultimately character. Therefore, performance comes naturally setting the bar high for our quality standards.

We rely on a certified team for our results. Our management department comprises professionals certified as Internal Auditors in ISO/TS 16949 proving the fluidity and well-being of our processes. On the technical side, more than 75% of our developers have one or more Microsoft Certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, Microsoft Certified Applications Developer and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. In terms of language preparation, all employees undertook language tests at the employment interview and many of them passed special exams such as Toefl and Cambridge.

Training and continuous development is a fundamental rule of our etiquette. Night Build grows together with its people and strives to make the most out of each project. As there is no “I” in the word “Team”, the experience, knowledge and skills of our carefully selected team members get shared with everybody, leading to a steep learning curve throughout the company. We also go for third-party trainings on various business or IT-related topics such as Scrum Project Management, Agile development and other new innovations or technologies which improve our overall performance.

We offer multiple benefits such as flexible working hours, special bonuses for notable results, daily lunch treats, light and airy offices, ergonomic chairs, free dancing classes and in-house massages provided by a professional kinetoterapist. All in all we strive to create a pleasant atmosphere, buzzing with energy and excitement, thus reducing stress and sick leaves.