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CompetenceTracker is a valuable asset for your human resources department, designed to provide a better management of your employees’ skills and competences. According to your company’s staff infrastructure, there are multiple skills that can be defined in CompetenceTracker which serve as criteria for employee assessment. The skills existing in a company are managed through CompetenceTracker and result in activities, groups of activities, positions and departments. The application therefore provides an accurate perspective over your staff’s competencies as they mould on your business activity and changes are easily updated as your employees and your company evolves.

Features at a glance:

  1. Displays the skills of an employee through the perspective of different positions and departments.
  2. Indicates an employee’s completion level of a certain skill, different for each department.
  3. Generates a Training Manual Report that is the skills that need to be acquired for a certain position and department.
  4. Highlights the skills that still need to be acquired by a certain employee or department by generating an Employee Gap or Department Gap report respectively.
  5. Records employees’ additional competence for a better perspective over the company’s potential.
  6. Allows you to quickly find the most suited employee for an open position, by browsing the most suited employees of the same position or related positions.
  7. Integrates with NB Learner and other e-learning tools.

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