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In an era of continuous advancements and discoveries manifested at all industrial levels, keeping your personnel up to date with the latest information, has become a real challenge for any respectable company. Therefore, NIGHTBUILD came up with a practical solution in this sense, featuring NB Learner , a powerful online-learning tool designed to help you instruct your staff in a creative and timely fashion. It was thought out to be both a Content Creation Tool and a Learning Management System providing control over the actual content of courses as well as over the personnel assessment in respect of these courses.

Features at a glance:

  1. Allows you to be creative and genuine in tailoring your own courses by importing a variety of file formats to include in your course (images, flash files, movies).
  2. Comes with two separate interfaces for trainers and trainees.
  3. Keeps track of your progress in respect of undergoing courses.
  4. Organizes courses into course categories, chapters and lessons and define content tabs for each course.
  5. Quizzes your knowledge in respect of each course (either in practice or exam mode) for a more interacting learning experience.
  6. NB Learner allows trainers to work on their courses and choose the moment when they want to publishing them for trainees.
  7. Trainers can be flexible at setting pass percentages for each course.
  8. Provides trainees with certificates at the end of a course, which are then recorded in HR applications such as CompetenceTracker.

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