Following in-depth research and expertize in quality management, NIGHTBUILD developed a number of software applications meant to bring companies and institutions in alignment with ISO 9001:2000 standards.


In order to solve the problem of continuous training that employees have to undergo for their job, NIGHTBUILD designed a powerful eLearning application - NB Learner. It was conceived to be both a Learning Management System and a Content Creation Tool providing control over the actual content of courses as well as over the personnel assessment in respect of these courses.



For a general perspective over the staff's skills and preparations we created CompetenceTracker to serve human resources management. CompetenceTracker can work together with Academy but also accepts third party personnel assessors. Together they conform with section 6.2 from ISO:9001:2000 regarding human resources and make a valuable asset in any institution.



Another ISO:9001:2000 chapter covered by NIGHTBUILD refers to suppliers and their reliability. Supplier Manager is a software application that evaluates and ultimately validates the conformity of suppliers with the company's standards and follows their performance along the business collaboration. Consequently, the company knows at all times the suppliers that it can count on and can exclude the ones that don't comply with the company's policy.



DevTracker is a complex software tool tailored to meet one of the most sensitive sections in ISO quality management: Control of nonconformities. If problems and deviations occurring inside a business are not spotted and dealt with correctly, they can prevent an effective work flow and can sometimes have serious consequences over the company's well-being. That's why we designed DevTracker to make it easier for employees to pinpoint any nonconformities they might come across in their work, regardless of their nature or gravity and proceed with their resolution. Deviations are organized into groups and are assigned to different departments and people inside the company. They are also given a priority and get different statuses as they resolve.