Having developed numerous software applications for the Norwegian Drilling Industry, NIGHTBUILD now relies on a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software, services, data and consulting in this highly-developed field. Subsequent to implementation, our clients manifested their satisfaction and contentment and reported efficiency growth throughout their sectors.

Inspired by our successful collaborations in the drilling field, we tend to further develop applications in this industry and provide our future clients with the best solutions for their needs.  

WellPlan is a complex application designed to facilitate the planning of well drilling. The  application plans the activities and equipment necessary in the drilling process of a well and allows you to configure wells and sections for an accurate reflection of the future hole. Designed to offer a comprehensive perspective over the entire drilling workflow, WellPlan is a valuable planning tool for any upstream oil and gas company, providing important insight into all phases and parts of a plan. 

At the rig level, we designed TallyPlanner, a comprehensive and versatile tool used for planning and managing tallies. It handles both tally management, including stands, joints and drill pipe properties, and BHA management and their corresponding equipment.   

Another useful tool for the Drilling Industry is TechnicalLimit, a software created to monitor and evaluate key performance indicators inside departments. Reports coming from daily drilling activities are synthesized and analyzed against standard values and result in complex charts, graphics and statistics regarding the company's efficacy and realizations.