The challenge we launch is aimed to push your limits and make you explore your talents. We’re here to help you become a highflier in your profession by providing the training, incentives and support you need to realize your potential.


The team is a group of young people with a fresh and positive attitude to work, who look forward to getting your input in the company’s projects but also give you a lot of “aha” moments when you ask for help .


The atmosphere at NightBuild echoes the high spirits of our people. We encourage our work environment to be professional and challenging but also caring and alive with enthusiasm and energy. That’s why we try to keep people motivated and excited about their projects, playing a decisive role in the team.

Flexible working hours.
  Individually-tailored bonus packages.

Daily lunch treats including soup, main course, desert and more.
  Airy personalized offices.

Ergonomic chairs for an optimal sitting position at work.
  Free dancing classes to shake off the stress accumulated over the day.

In-house massages provided by our professional kinetoterapist to prevent back problems caused by spending too much time seated.